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TAX || VAT || TDS Training

Income Tax and Vat Training

Considering the growing demand of income tax and VAT knowledge, Cambridge Infotech has been offering career-oriented Income Tax and Vat training in Nepal. The course covers the Income Tax Act, 2058 and Value Added Tax, 2052. The income tax act imposes tax on income or wealth created by a person in the course of an earning activity. VAT is a tax imposed on the value added to goods and services consumed in Nepal or exported outside. Basic knowledge of provision of Income tax and Value Added Tax is a must for every accountant. There is a huge demand and supply gap of professional and qualified accountant for corporations in market. To cater the gap Broadway Infosys Nepal has designed the Income Tax and VAT training in Nepal course in consultation with accounting professionals.

Benefits of Income Tax and VAT training

Income tax professionals contribute to organizations in taking essential business decisions, by providing financial counseling and guidance. Their area of expertise includes accounting administration, calculating tax liabilities, performing legal analysis, and more. This training nurtures learning of the graduates and professionals and develops professionalism in delivering accounting services independently and enhances their skill to tap the market opportunity. Moreover, it is intended for trainees who are keen to learn about financial aspects under micro scrutiny and reduce the chances of wrong decisions. It will further provide smart tips to: