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  • TAX || VAT || TDS Training

    Income Tax and Vat Training

    Considering the growing demand of income tax and VAT knowledge, Cambridge Infotech has been offering career-oriented Income Tax and Vat training in Nepal. The course covers the Income Tax Act, 2058 and Value Added Tax, 2052. The income tax act imposes tax on income or wealth created by a person in the course of an earning activity. VAT is a tax imposed on the value added to goods and services consumed in Nepal or exported outside. Basic knowledge of provision of Income tax and Value Added Tax is a must for every accountant. There is a huge demand and supply gap of professional and qualified accountant for corporations in market. To cater the gap Broadway Infosys Nepal has designed the Income Tax and VAT training in Nepal course in consultation with accounting professionals.

    Benefits of Income Tax and VAT training

    Income tax professionals contribute to organizations in taking essential business decisions, by providing financial counseling and guidance. Their area of expertise includes accounting administration, calculating tax liabilities, performing legal analysis, and more. This training nurtures learning of the graduates and professionals and develops professionalism in delivering accounting services independently and enhances their skill to tap the market opportunity. Moreover, it is intended for trainees who are keen to learn about financial aspects under micro scrutiny and reduce the chances of wrong decisions. It will further provide smart tips to:


    Published On: Wednesday 6th March 2024
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  • Entrance Preparation Class For CMAT & KUUMAT


    Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) is national level aptitude test conducted by Faculty of Management (FOM) of Tribhuvan University (TU) Every Student willing to study semester based management programs in Bachelor Level requires to appear in the Test.

    The test facilitates TU Affiliated colleges to select competent Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), Bachelor Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM), Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS), Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) and Bachelor of Business Administration Finance (BBA-F)


    Exam Format (Written)

    Sections                                :           4 (Containing 25 questions each section)

    Total Marks                          :           100

    Exam Time                            :           90 minute

    For the |Eligibility for admission, Students must secure at least 40%


    Published On: Tuesday 6th February 2024
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  • EDV Online Form Open

    The eDV system supports the implementation of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the DV Lottery Program or “lottery”, which is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State in accordance with section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1952, as amended. The eDV system is a public facing website which public users access via ttps:// to enter data required to apply for the lottery program, as well as to check the status of their entry. The eDV system supports the replacement of paper applications for the DV Lottery Program with an electronic application process based on web technology and the Internet. This is accomplished through the two components of the eDV system, the Applicant Entry System (AES) and the Entrant Status Check (ESC). Potential applicants from all over the world can apply for Diversity Visas (DVs) during the open registration dates specified on the site. A computer-generated, random lottery drawing chooses selectees for DVs. Instructions on how to fill out the lottery entry form are given on a separate website, No user IDs or passwords are issued to public users. Once a public user submits an entry form, they are issued a confirmation number; this number is used when the entrant accesses the Entrant Status Check on the eDV site to allow them to see their lottery selection notification disposition. The system does not allow the applicant to subsequently read, modify, or delete the submitted information.(d) Describe the personally identifiable information (PII) that the system collects, uses,
    requirements under section 222(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
    Because the entrants themselves are not U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents
    (LPR), they are not covered by the provisions of the Privacy Act.
    The eDV entrant PII collected includes:
    · Name of Individual
    · Birthdate of Individual
    · Phone number(s) of Individual
    · Mailing Address
    · e-mail address of individual
    · Images or Biometric IDs
    · Gender
    · City & country of birth
    · Education
    · Nationality
    · Employment
    · Current Marital Status & Spouse information
    · Number of Children (all: natural, adopted, stepchildren, etc.)
    An eDV record may include PII on persons associated with the Diversity Visa applicant,
    such as a derivative spouse or child of the entrant, who are U.S. citizens or legal
    permanent residents (LPRs) who are covered by the Privacy Act. While entrants are not
    required to submit information about U.S. citizen spouses or children, some do so. The
    U.S. citizen or LPR PII could consist of:
    · Name, date, city and country of birth, gender, and an image of each family
    member (spouse and children). The data is then transferred to the Consular onsolidated Database (CCD) for use in the

    Published On: Thursday 10th March 2022
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  • Bridge Course || CTEVT || St.Xavier's Entance Pre.
    Key Points
    ✅ 14 Years Exceptional Performance in Entrance Preparation.
    ✅ Topper first choice institution over the year.
    ✅ Everyday Online & Paper Base Entrance Examination.
    ✅ Every Year Highest No. of Students placement in St. Xavier's & other reputed college.
    ✅ Competent and modernized Learning environment with sophisticated facilities.
    ✅ Best Experience Management Team with Qualified Teacher Teams.
    ✅ Suitable Location with Parking Facility.
    ✅ Model Tests every Saturday based on St.Xavier's, Budhanilkantha, and SOS entrance Exam patterns with motivation Cash Prizes
    Published On: Wednesday 5th May 2021
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  • About Exam

    आन्तरिक परिक्षा संञ्चालन सम्बन्धमा ।

    यहि मिति २075 साल बैशाख २4 गते शुक्रबार कमप्युटर लगाएत सम्पुर्ण विषयको परिक्षा संञ्चालन हुने भएकोले सम्पुर्ण विद्यार्थी तथा अभिभावकहरुलाई यो जानकारी गराइन्छ । विस्तृत जानकारीको लागी हाम्रो Website : मा हेर्न वा ब्यवस्थापन सँग सम्र्पक राखिदिनु हुन अनुरोध गर्दछौ । 
    परिक्षा तालिका
    विहान     - ७  बजे देखि ८ बजे सम्म 
    विहान     - ११  बजे देखि १२ बजे सम्म
    दिउँसो     - २  बजे देखि ३ बजे सम्म
    साँझ       - ५  बजे देखि ६ बजे सम्म

    Published On: Saturday 2nd January 2021
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